Kingsong Extra Large Pedals (Pair)


Your feet will thank you for upgrading to these supersized pedals!

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King Song 16 s extra large pedals

Bought the new large pedals after riding my ks for about a year. I found with the original pedals my feet would need resting after about 10 kms. Bought the new large pedals from Tom at VANEUC. Just as Tom had recommended the pedals change the complete behavior of my KS. Went for a 40 km ride today and what a joy to ride. I priced the pedals at other shops and Tom came in about 20 bucks cheaper. I would recommend the upgrade to anyone with a King Song

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Comfort & Performance

The standard pedals included with my 18XL were surprisingly small, preventing me from accessing the full performance of the wheel and caused early foot fatigue. The Extra Large pedals have made the ride much more comfortable, allow for quicker acceleration and steeper hill ascents.<br /> Note that when installing the new pedals you only need one of the two original lock screws - King Song tapered one end of the axle in the new design.

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