Kingsong fast charger 84v 2.5a


Get your KS16X juiced up faster with this Kingsong original fast charger

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Does its job

I'm using this with my Kingsong 18XL. I had to replace my original (slow) charger when I lost it.<br /> <br /> Good: It charges the wheel faster than the slow charger<br /> <br /> Bad: -This item is not made by Kingsong. It fits just fine but it does not say it's made by Kingsong.<br /> -The charging light is way too bright. <br /> -It is bulky<br /> <br /> All in all, it's fine. <br />

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KS16X Charger

First, just want to restate that service from Tom was fabulous on getting the charger. <br /> Second, for the charger itself, I'm so happy I got this. This is a standard "dumb brick" type charge. Plug in and it's on. Unplug when done.<br /> <br /> I wanted to recharge my KS16X faster than the stock charger could. The 16X comes with one 1.5a charger. It has two ports so allows for two chargers at the same time. With the one stock charger, it takes 14 hours to charge from empty. With my rides, I've been ending up around 40-55% before I recharge so it takes 7-9 hours with the stock 1.5a charger alone. Sometimes this means leaving it charging over night which I rather not do.<br /> <br /> Getting this extra 2.5a charger is awesome. Plugging both in more than doubles the charging speed so I've been fully recharged in 2.5 to 4 hours. If I plug in by 7 to 8 pm, it's done by bedtime. <br /> <br /> The only reason I am giving it 4 stars instead of 5 stars is because there is no option to set max charge percentage. There are some chargers that let you set the charging to different levels to preserve the life of the battery. This would have been a nice feature in the winter when I would not want to leave it sitting at 100% if the weather might be bad for weeks. (However those cost more too.) So I just use an alarm to remind me to unplug after 1-1.5 hours if I don't want it fully charged.<br /> <br /> When ordering, make sure Tom knows which charging port you need. The 16X uses the those rectangular ones (looks like a bigger usb port), not the round 3 pin ports.<br /> <br />

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