Camping with the MSuper V3 S+

Hi! my name is Tom...

...and back in 2016 while searching for an alternative to the anxiety faced when leaving your bicycle chained to a lamppost or despair when approaching "the hill" on the bike to work, I stumbled upon the electric unicycle!

Wanting to bring these awesome machines to Canada and help promote environmentally sustainable alternatives to cars, VanEUC was founded and has been selling nothing but electric unicycles since 2016. 

Since that first day we have grown to become Canada's number one EUC retailer and knowledge selling all major brands and meeting some pretty cool people along the way! We are a web focused operation committed to helping match customers to the perfect wheel at the best possible price and while we don't currently operate a storefront we love meeting EUC riders! if you're located in or just visiting Vancouver get in touch and let's go for a ride and talk about the future of personal transport!

Safe Wheeling!