Kingsong KS-16X


One of the finest "All purpose" wheels on the market today. A classic and for good reason!

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The KS-16X strikes the perfect balance between pedal height, power, maneuverability and size. There is no wheel that does it all but the KS-16X gets the closest yet.

Data sheet

Motor Power (rated watts)
2200 watt
Wheel Diameter (inches)
Smart Phone App
iPhone and Android
Bluetooth Audio Support
Built in Bluetooth Speakers
Headlight and Tail light
Trolley Handle
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 6 customer reviews
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Great wheel great store

This is the 2nd wheel I bought from Vaneuc in a year. I am Very happy with the delivery and shipping both times . Tom quickly answered any questions I had. The reviews for this store are excellent. I like the style of the Kingsong 16x its a little heavier than my v8f and the speed and range is better, however I will keep the V8F to bring in the truck for short little trips.<br /> I finaly was able to get 10km on the wheel so I can unlock the speed clamp a bit till I get more accustomed to the feel of this wheel, the weather has not been very helpfull.<br /> <br /> Big thanks Tom !<br />

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Verified purchase

Great wheel for beginner or expert

I bought this wheel 2 years ago from VANEUC to replace my KS 16S. The X aged the extra power and range I was seeking as well as a fatter tire giving it better off-road capabilities. I am 230 pounds and this wheel has no problem with steep hills. This wheel has been 100% reliable and has never cut out at high speed it threw me off other than at very low speeds while I’m doing extreme trails with roots and rocks. I pulled the case apart the Casey yesterday and apart from some minor dust, I could see no water infiltration, the case had no cracks or loose parts and was in amazing shape. <br /> My original pads that protect the sides are a<br /> Little beat up, but the case underneath is fine. I am tempted to buy a 20S with full suspension, but parts like the lights, stand, and red plastic seem at break easily. With a top speed of 50km/h I never feel Like I don’t have enough sped or power. As for range, I have tried many times to use up the battery, but I usually wear out before the wheel does. I would say I get about 100 km range while riding 25-30 km/h up and down hills fairly aggressively. This is a great wheel for the price.

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Verified purchase

First EUC but not the last!

Great company to buy from - Very helpful! <br /> Great EV too! I’ve crashed it and learnt how to ride with it. It’s still in great condition and after only 5 trips, I’ve done over 200km! I’m addicted and my next wheel will come from VANEUC! <br /> It’s fast, nimble, solid and I love it!

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My First Wheel

For starters, Tom has been so good and helpful!<br /> I am having a lot of fun learning on the KS 16X... Being my first Wheel I have nothing to compare to. As a beginner I find it quiet, quick and smooth. It seems to go on forever on a charge - I am not fast but after hours I still had 60% left... <br /> I did buy the fast charger because the regular one takes a long time. I am super happy with my purchase and One day I will ride this beast to its potential!!

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Great All Rounder

This is the second wheel I've gotten from VanEUC and again I couldn't be happier with the service. Been riding the 16X on both city streets (New Westminster, Coquitlam, Pitt Meadows) and off road bike trails (SFU, Pitt Meadows Dykes, Mundy Park).<br /> <br /> This wheel handles really well on both. There are probably slightly better wheels designed for mainly street cruising or for mainly off road but if you don't want to buy two separate specialized wheels, this is an awesome all rounder. Buy one and use it everywhere.<br /> <br /> The only two negatives for me are the increase difficulty in turning at higher speed (but increased stability) and the upper pads are too thin if you grip your wheel with your legs.<br /> <br /> The positives are the nimbleness at low speeds, the stability, and the ergonomics. It's a heavy wheel but the design centers the weight and it feels lighter than it is if you have to pick up. Overall a great EUC.

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