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InMotion V8f


Everyone's favourite first wheel just got better! bigger pedals and more power make this a great place to start your EUC journey!

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If you're considering entering the world of electric unicycles your search for a first wheel is over.

This machine is the next iteration of the already awesome InMotion V8. It's been a family favourite for good reason!

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Data sheet

Max Speed (tested kilometers per hour)
30 kph
Motor Power (rated watts)
1000 watt
Max Range (kilometers)
50 km
Weight (kilograms)
13.5 kg
Battery Capacity (watt hours)
512 wh
Wheel Diameter (inches)
Max Incline (uphill degrees)
20 degrees
Max Load (kilograms)
120 kg
Smart Phone App
iPhone and Android
Rated 4.83 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 6 customer reviews
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very happy with my purchase

Thanks Tom , the unicycle was well packed and arrived earlier than estimated.<br /> I have just started using it because I promised my wife I would finish the bathroom renovations first. I have never had one before so it took about 30 minutes of patience till it started to click and I was rolling along. very pleased to see the tire inflator is easy to access. I had done the research before buying, so with all the good reviews I was confident I bought it from the right person. <br />

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Expectations exceeded

The V8F is my first wheel, got it exactly one week ago and I'm so glad I did. I've put 150km on it already. It rides great over pavement, gravel, dirt and grass. It was easier to learn than I expected, only took me about an hour to get up and rolling. The speed, power, and range are all exactly as advertised. The inmotion app is well designed and allows you to customize your ride easily. It's incredibly practical, and most importantly it's insanely fun to ride. <br /> <br /> I'd give it 6 stars if I could.

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Awesome first EUC!

I did a lot of research and ended up having this one as my first EUC. I have just had it for one day, but I am really happy with it so far. Will update if anything goes wrong.

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Great service from Thomas

The V8f is my first EUC and it is great fun. Riding it makes me feel a lot younger than my 59 years. <br /> <br /> This is the ideal EUC to learn on and it is practical as a commuter. <br /> <br /> Commuting back from work today, for some reason the motor Hal sensor malfunctioned. <br /> <br /> I contacted Tom and he really went above and beyond while helping me diagnose the cause. He communicated with the tech and even logged the error call for me. The motor will be replaced under warranty. Tom did it all in one day. Well done Tom. <br /> <br /> I am not too disappointed with what happened, because I realize this is brand new tech and I think of us as early adopters, helping to iron out some wrinkles, while enjoying an awesome product.<br /> <br /> Can't wait to get back on the wheel again. I highly recommend anyone thinking of getting a EUC to go ahead and order one through Vancouver Unicycles.

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500km update

This is a 500km update on my previous review. <br /> <br /> I stand by what I said about this being an ideal wheel for beginers. I see now though that lightweight people will get the advertised performance but larger people may want to upgrade sooner. May be disappointed by real life range.<br /> For my light weight and commuter use I will ride this machine for a long time. People looking for more speed and range will eventually want to upgrade. <br /> <br /> I was VERY DISAPPOINTED when my V8f also suffered from water getting in the start button. It was a light rain day and about 1.5km commute. Sadly it seems you must tape up your brand new button and charge port. A problem I expected fixed with V8 history of the same. Tape should not be required on a second generation wheel out of the box. <br /> <br /> <br /> <br />

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