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InMotion V11


InMotions new flagship wheel! the V11 has a buttery smooth ride and that trademark InMotion build quality! 



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A ground breaking design from InMotion that boasts air sprung suspension with up to 70mm travel, Fan cooled PCB, 3" wide tire for extreme off-road riding, dual charge ports for rapid recharging, Ultra-bright automotive grade headlight / taillight and built in flip down stand.


Data sheet

Max Speed (tested kilometers per hour)
55 kph
Motor Power (rated watts)
2200 watt
Max Range (kilometers)
120 km
Weight (kilograms)
27 kg
Battery Capacity (watt hours)
1500 wh
Wheel Diameter (inches)
Max Incline (uphill degrees)
35 degrees
Max Load (kilograms)
120 kg
Pedal Height (millimeters)
160 mm
Weather rating
Smart Phone App
iPhone and Android
Bluetooth Audio Support
Built in Bluetooth Speakers
USB peripherals charge port
Headlight and Tail light
Trolley Handle
Rated 4.25 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews
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I'm not convinced suspension is all that

Suspension is certainly nice in many situations. But this version leaves much to be desired.<br /> <br /> My main complaint with this wheel is the build quality. Within a year my motor stopped working. It seemed to have slowly ripped itself out of its housing. I appreciate InMotion covered this under warranty but it took me most of the day to do the swap. I suspect my wheel was not properly assembled to begin with. <br /> <br /> The side panel attachment to the body was flimsy and broke almost immediately.<br /> <br /> Th Bluetooth connection is poor. It doesn't seem to work with DarknessBot and the InMotion app is not as good.<br /> <br /> Suspension is nice. It really smooths out the ride. In many situations this can be a safety issue. A good bump can throw you off a standard wheel but with suspension you can maintain your grip.<br /> <br /> On the whole though I find myself missing the connection you feel to the road on other wheels. There are Ducati riders and Harley riders. This wheel rides like a Harley

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Verified purchase

Best purchase ever

Ordering V11 from this place was the best decision. I was able to save $247 by switching my order from the other seller to this shop. With unbeatable price, quality customer service and fast delivery, VEU is the best EUC shop I would recommend to my friends.<br />

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Verified purchase

Purhcased from Haliafx

I have recently purchase an inmotion V11 from this Store. If your buying an electric unicycle, I would very much recommend buying it from this store. Tom has consistently answered every email have have sent him within less then a day with full intent of enabling me to be satisfied with my purchase. Sadly I am currently dealing with two minor issues with my new wheel (light not working and a damaged suspension valve. For both those issues, Tom has promptly answered my email and is solving those problems via warranty. Every time I called his shop, he personally answered and takes the necessary time to answer my questions. I reside in Halifax and am getting great service despite the distance.

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Verified purchase

Great wheel

Really love this wheel. Filling up the suspension is a hassle but ultimately well worth it. I gave it 4 but would have given it 4.5. Speed is very good. A total blast to ride. Would get 5 stars if it had a 2000WH battery, Range is good though. Gets the same mileage as my 1800WH Gotway

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