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Kingsong KS-18XL


The KS18XL just got more go! now with a 2200watt motor!

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Data sheet

Motor Power (rated watts)
2200 watt
Battery Capacity (watt hours)
1544 wh
Wheel Diameter (inches)
Smart Phone App
iPhone and Android
Bluetooth Audio Support
Built in Bluetooth Speakers
Headlight and Tail light
Trolley Handle
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 3 customer reviews
Verified purchase

KS18XL rocks!

I can agree that Tom stands behind his customers. I was able to get my EUC the next day which is impressive, especially when you read in forums that some people have to wait months after they put their order in. This is the second EUC I bought from Tom. <br /> <br /> I had a InMotion V8F as my first EUC. It is light, and nippy, and a lot of fun, but the top speed and range can not compare to something bigger and heavier like the KS18XL. It is like going from a Smart Fortwo to a SUV. <br /> <br /> The Smart, like the InMotion V8F is awesome for the city and you can zip here and there, but once you have the KS18XL unlocked to a top speed of 50km/h, there is no looking back. <br /> <br /> The KS18XL is very stable and confident in the way it handles anything you ask of it. You can ride it at top speed with your hands in your pockets or sip on your latté while you carve up the pavement. It is that confident, but at your own risk of course.<br /> <br /> Something else I noticed with the KS18XL that it draws a lot of attention from the public. People keep asking me about it from their cars at stop lights e.t.c. Little kids go w-e-e-o-o-w when you ride by. :-) It is a good looking EUC and looks like a real piece of equipment. Not a toy. The handle works great too. <br /> <br /> If you are still doubting if you should buy a EUC, I want to encourage it strongly. This decision opened a whole new world of fun and excitement for me. I will be 60y/o this May and I plan to keep riding EUC's as long as I am able to stand on my own.<br /> <br /> In 20 years time I still want to ride even if I have to mount my walker to the latest model so that I can stand on the pedals. Lollol...

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Verified purchase

Perfect Unicycle!

I had spent hours researching my first unicycle purchase and had my heart set on the Inmotion V11. However, with all the bearing issues and added maintenance that comes with a suspension wheel, I was looking for an euc with similar specs and added water resistance for rainy Vancouver. The KS-18XL wasn't even on my radar but someone in the community brought it up and it really is the perfect intermediate euc and will definitely sustain my needs for years to come. Although it is a couple years old, that just means it has proven reliability in this bleeding edge technology. It has incredible range (~80 to 100km per charge) that'll make sure I tire out first before the wheel. A lot of riders also swear by its waterproofness. Speeds of 50km/hr is more than enough for me (after a 200km mileage unlock). I use it mainly for commuting and for general riding among asphalt roads. I've done some very minor offroading but there are probably better wheels out there if that's your main purpose. You could probably buy this as your first wheel, but I had some training on a KS-14S for about 8 hours before I picked this up. This wheel is much heavier and at roughly 50 pounds, it's best if you have minimal stairs. Trolley handle is the best in the market with its diagonal design and I wish more eucs adopted this design. I wish this device came with the extra large pedals and the fast charger, but overall, I can't recommend this device highly enough. Tom was also very helpful in answering all my questions. As I live in Vancouver, he was able to personally deliver the device within 3-4 days.

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Verified purchase

Great buying experience...

I was in the market for an euc and couldn't wait to get my hands on one. The local euc touring group had good things to say about Tom at vaneuc so I ordered through the site. I got a call immediately saying I could pick up my order that very day. I had a few technical issues with the machine but Tom assured me not to worry and that he would stand behind his products. He came over in his mobile repair vehicle the very next day and had me up and running like new. Thank you for the awesome service Tom.

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