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The flagship wheel from Ninebot! the finish on this wheel is the best we have seen, it looks and rides great, shown in the pictures with the included mudguard and trolly handle both installed and removed. The wheel also comes with a set of self adhesive training pads to fend off scratches on those first few rides.

Note: The Z10 has developed a reputation for battery management issues and as such VanEUC are currently testing this wheel and considering stocking it. For more information please email. If you're in the Vancouver area and would like to try it send us a message!

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Headlight and Tail light
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Rated 4.25 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 4 customer reviews

Awesome wheel!

I started on a Ninebot S2. Few months later I took the plunge and bought the Z10. I love this wheel. It has a very low centre of gravity, handles extremely well at slow speeds and the design and build quality is awesome. I haven’t had a single issue and have ridden it about 1500 kms.

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Fascinating and fun, but...

This is not a wheel that you can review properly until you put a fair amount of time into riding it because it does not behave like most EUCs. I've now put around 3000km on the Z10 which is amazing because I thought I would never get the damn thing to work properly. There is a phantom drain on the battery (they never fully power down) that results in many of the wheels arriving from China with a drained battery, and due to some sort of engineering quirk, if the battery drains fully, it will not recharge without disconnecting a bunch of wires to reset the unit. Oh, and there was an epidemic of bad batteries shipped by Ninebot last year. I'm on my third. <br /> Despite these issues, now that the unit is up and rolling (flawlessly for five months) I love the wheel. It has a very low centre of gravity, and as a result, you can really throw your weight into turning and carving in a way that is not possible with other wheels. It is remarkably stable at slow speeds and when pushed into the low 40s. <br /> If Ninebot were able to fix the battery drain by firmware (It seems they can't), and if they offered better support (crap support), I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this wheel. It is gorgeous, unique, and a thrill to ride even after months of daily riding, but with all the issues and radio silence by the company on support, you're better off with a KS 16X for the price.

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Awesome wheel

I purchased this wheel, never had ever used one. It was tricky to learn for myself, but now I am so impressed with this wheel. Battery and range is excellent. 100% recommended.

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Not what i am used to

I tried this beast a few times...once when a buddy lent me his and within minutes i got off it as it was too awkward for me.<br /> The second time...the owner of Vaneuc was nice enough to let me try one and THAT time it felt MUCH more comfortable and the more i think of it the more i might be persuaded I getting one one day....its not what we(wheelers) are used to but once u get it its pretty awesome.

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