Veteran Sherman 3200


Named after a tank because its built like one!

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Veteran's debut wheel sets the bar for performance and durability. With a massive 3200wh battery and 2500w motor this wheel has crazy stats, coupled to a roll cage to protect the wheel its easy to see how the Sherman will set the bar for off road riding.


Data sheet

Motor Power (rated watts)
2500 watt
Weight (kilograms)
35 kg
Battery Capacity (watt hours)
3200 wh
Wheel Diameter (inches)
Max Incline (uphill degrees)
30 degrees
Max Load (kilograms)
120 kg
Pedal Height (millimeters)
170 mm
Headlight and Tail light
Trolley Handle
Battery Manufacturer
Rated 5.00 on the scale 1 - 5 based on 7 customer reviews

Best wheel for my use case

I’ve had this wheel since May of 2021. It is my 3rd purchase through VanEUC. I believe this is the best wheel for me with the current selection of wheels available. <br /> <br /> Without writing a long review here are my reasons in point form:<br /> <br /> - wheel diameter with knobby tire: most of my rides are on roadways and trails hence I prefer 18 inch or more diameter wheels. The knobby tire works out very well for the places I go. It is an enduro tire so the knobs are close together and provide a smooth rotation over pavement. The knobs also allow for higher pressure and will provide some softness or forgiveness. Compared to a street tire I would not be able to ride at these high pressures otherwise there would be speed wobbles and a really hard ride. <br /> - The profile of the tire (distance from knobby to rim) allows for cushioning and protects the rim.<br /> - The battery capacity is more than I can possibly use. However I have started off on a day trip from my home in Vancouver to some trails in north Vancouver and had gotten lost along the way which resulted in a 6 hour round trip. I returned with 40% battery. So, it is obviously more than I need but does provide a sense of security and there is absolutely no range anxiety with this wheel. <br /> o with so much battery capacity, it is however very heavy. In most cases this does not matter to me since I rarely need to lift it with the exception of getting it into the back of my car. I have since purchased a pet ramp to facilitate this.<br /> - I have not crashed or dropped the wheel to date but my previous wheel was dropped and crashed many times resulting in damage. The roll cage on the Sherman should prevent that from happening. It also allowed me <br /> to install a third party kickstand and other accessories. <br /> - The design of the wheel is very flat, square, and symmetrical. This makes it easy for customizing. I plan to purchase and install a stainless steel plate on each side such that when I am off roading I will not need to worry about damaging the wheel if I drop it. <br /> - As mentioned in all other reviews it is a fast wheel though I often do not exceed anymore than 55 kilometers per hour. But being a fast wheel it means I can safely and easily ride at 45 km/h while going uphill. <br /> - On the first ride I noticed the wheel was much wider than my old MSX. This allows for a wider foot stance which naturally is more stable. <br /> - The 80 pound weight of the wheel makes it feel solid and secure. The only drawback is it makes it harder for jumps off road if you're into that. It does make it a little harder to maneuver at low speeds or while stopped. <br />

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Verified purchase

Very capable wheel

Sherman is my 2nd wheel coming from Inmotion V8F as my learning wheel about a month ago. I got both wheels from Tom, who is very responsive to all my questions. Believe after-sale support (hoping I don’t need it down the road) is also decent. I am glad having Tom as Vancouver EUC dealer offering some many EUC variation.<br /> <br /> Take this review with grain of salt as I am new rider with about 400km under my belt. My PEV background is from ebike.<br /> <br /> This wheel is insanely stable. It simply ‘planted’ on the ground. It feels like riding at 15km while you are actually travelling at 40km. Tiny bumps and potholes suddenly disappear. I can ride a lot faster now, and best of all without worrying being cut out. <br /> <br /> The battery life is also insanely long. My initial test ride is 16km but I can’t even scratch a bar off. EUC world reports I still have 93% battery/~94v left not to mention I did not fully charge the wheel before the test. I probably consume two bars out of full 5 with V8F and may even be more with the speed and stress I put on Sherman. A day trip to whistler is no longer a dream.<br /> <br /> Interestingly, I don’t find pedal dipping to be annoying. It is manageable and in fact, I think it helps with turning by accelerating into ‘balancing’ speed after turn; this maybe the design decision given Sherman’s weight. My version maybe newer with higher pedal clearance that I never encounter any pedal scrape. I do have the tire pressure pumped to 36PSI after hearing the tire-coming-off-rim symptoms. So far, I don’t find the wheel to be noticeably imbalance but slightly wobble at higher speed; this could however be my skill limitation and am not familiar with the wheel yet. Powerpad may probably help as well. I did release all air out to fill tire sealant and went through the ‘massage’ cycle to better seat the tire in.<br /> <br /> Braking is adequate. Being much bigger and heavier wheel, it requires a lot more weight to stop, which is expected but beyond what I anticipate; I weight about 176 pounds as reference. Leaning back twice and/or bending your knee like sitting on invisible chair helps a bit on quick deceleration. The soft mode does ‘back swing’ on quick braking noticeably though. I have the early Jan 2012 batch. Not certain later firmware version helps. Medium mode is my favor so far.<br /> <br /> Its weight unfortunately is also a curse. I do feel the pain of lacking low end torques the community talks about. It seems the wheel always fight against its own weight resulting in snugglish acceleration at start; the higher end torque after speed picked up is direct opposite with so much juice ready to be unleashed though. Thus, starting from dead stop under somewhat steep hill is a challenge as the wheel could not pickup ‘balancing’ speed quick enough before you lose it. Starting side way helps a bit as long as the path is wide enough. I also have some degrees of success starting downhill (opposite direction) and U-turn back after picking up the speed. <br /> <br /> I never ride in rain so far but believe I likely run into one in rain-couver. Hearing the water leaking issue at the LCD cover edge, I anyway cover it up with Gorilla Crystal Clear Duct Tape for peace of mind. The water resistance of the trolley bar gasket is also questionable but seems not biggie or having owners report so. I am still thinking to anyway get tiny backpack water resistant cover to cover the entire top when rain just in case. The rubber charging port dust cap being so loose and frequently failing off is very annoying; this maybe another water leaking vulnerability. I am planning to replace them with those metal screw-on caps to settle it once and for all.<br /> <br /> This is a very capable wheel exceling in many areas. Lower end torques is unfortunately not one of those. I hope down the road Leaperkim releases firmware upgrade helping this department or offers ‘high torque’ version of motor at cost of top speed and battery.

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100% satisfaction

I received my Sherman at the end of September and, work being busy, have taken this long to put 1500Km on it. But let me tell you, every one of those kms has been a joy. I took a risk being an early adopter and wow, has it ever paid off: no problems with the wheel whatsoever. It's unbelievably smooth and stable and is my go-to wheel for pleasure riding, off-road, poor road conditions and long hauls. I take my KS18XL when I'm running errands or taking transit because the Veteran is not easy (not impossible, mind you) to wheel around the aisles of the grocery store. <br /> <br /> The Veteran and the KS18XL are the perfect combination for me right now; shockingly, I do not have any existing wheels on my wishlist at the moment. When the KS S18 improves in terms of range and gets the bugs out, however, I'm going to buy it as a replacement for my KS18XL. And you can bet I'm going to buy that wheel from Tom too - because the price and service I've received on the 5 wheels (yes, it's an addiction) I've purchased from VEU are the gold standard.<br /> <br /> I absolutely love the Veteran.

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Verified purchase

Great Service!

This is my third EUC, started with the Inmotion V8, and now have both the Kingsong 18XL and Sherman. VanEUC and Tom were very responsive to all my questions. Delivery was very quick once it arrived in Vancouver. Haven't ridden it very much yet but plows through the snow where I live like its nothing :)<br /> <br /> Again, outstanding service and hope to deal with VanEUC again in the near future.<br /> <br /> Mike

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Verified purchase

An awesome wheel!!

I received my Sherman in September and I have just over 2100 Km’s on it.<br /> <br /> From the first ride I totally enjoy it! I find it very stable and yes fast! I don’t notice the weight except when lifting it. It is not as agile as my KS16X. It does have the pedal dip on turns especially slow speed. This has not bothered me. That said, it will be nice to get the upgraded firmware chip which is supposed to really help this.<br /> <br /> Riding the Sherman feels like floating to me… I have had no surprises and no wobbling. It is amazing how you get use to the speed. It will do about 150 Km on a charge - less in the cold. I found out water can be an issue with the LCD panel. I would recommend doing something to protect it. There are many good ideas out there.<br /> I don’t have any experience off-road riding with it. Walking trails and some with a bit of mud have been fine for me. I have the knobby tire.<br /> It is so much fun I feel ripped off if I don’t get 70+ Km’s on a ride. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Sherman. <br /> <br /> As usual Tom has been awesome to deal with!!

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